And I got what I think

Deep down, I was thinking that it would be better that my grade in Philosophy 1 is a 2.0 (with 1.0 being the highest) rather than a 1.75 (wth!?) so that I wouldn’t have regrets…   My Social Science 1 grade is 2.0 and to be a Dean’s Lister my grades should not be any lower than 1.75 and if it was only SocSci that has a 2.0, I would probably be bitter for who knows how long and I may unconsciously bear hatred to my professor (although I don’t  think that he doesn’t deserve it ;D)   Oh well, this is life…


[Almost] After One Year

It’s been almost a year since I posted here.
Well, tumblr is not safe for work 😉
But anyway, I am writing fanfiction and it’s both happy and sad.
It’s for me to improve my writing.
Maybe I’ll continue writing here for a while, maybe for the whole [remaining] duration of Octorber.