SpaMano drabble

A/N: A drabble that I had written sometime ago. Hope you like it!

Hand flittered lightly across his figure; from his shoulders, his torso, then thighs. Anywhere where there was a sensitive spot. The touches were like a feather fleetingly making contact yet it elicited so much electricity, making the act pleasurable.

The teasing gestures were making him mad. He was teetering in the edge of insanity.

“A-Antonio~!” Lovino purred his lover’s name.

Antonio, the man who was the currently under the affections of Lovino, replied by giving out a moan filled with ecstasy.

If only that was a reality.

Antonio smiled mischievously as he looked at his former lackey taking his siesta on one of the benches in the garden. Earlier that day, he called up Lovino Vargas and asked if the Italian wanted to help in planting the tomatoes.

Bastard! You want me to cross time zones just to help you plant?! ” Lovino screamed at the phone and Feliciano who was in the background tried to calm down his brother.

Nonetheless, the Italian went over and helped Antonio with the tomatoes.


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