I love how anonymous I am here.
Where I don’t have to be anybody’s dear.
Where I can be the laid back chick I am.
Where I can tell you that I am harmed.

Harmed by my own thoughts,
Harmed by my own thoughts.

I always torture myself mentally.

I have broken my limbs,
I have poked my eyes.
I have cracked my neck.
I don’t even blink
At how atrocious I can be
To the inner child who is always crying.

So I say to those who are like me,
Incoherent in all that I say,
Good day.
Have a good day.
For happiness is but an illusion
To keep our sanity.


We were made to break

Today was a good day.
Today was a bad day.
Today is but a creation
Of mankind to root us
To a reality that is relative.

Our brain cannot distinguish
Dreams from our “reality”
When we sleep, our consciousness is in the dark.

After one week

The past week has been hectic for me. I am under medication specifically antibiotics for my UTI and school work has been eating me alive. The latter has not changed even now. I am still swamped with school work but I am amanagin it just fine.

So, today, some of the load has been lifted off me which I am happy about.

I just want to share this out to the people who read this blog.

Recently I have bought a Galaxy Note 8.0. I’m not bragging it to the world but I want to say that this tiny device didn’t come out of thin air. It costs approximately PhP 20,000 and the money was from the blood, sweat, tears ans loneliness of my father who is working overseas. I patiently waited for around 6 months for me to get my hands on this device which I use for almost every school related and fiction endeavors.


In a week, many things can happen.

This is a jumbled up message since my creative juices are running dry.

I do hope to write something new again. I like writing afterall. As well as reading. Also gaming.

I love this twisted world.

By the way, I am cynical. I am hypocrite. I am racist. I am a paradox.

Food Poisoning

As a sort-of university policy, Wednesdays are supposed to be THE RESEARCH DAY, meaning there are (usually) no classes. So yesterday, me and my friends went out to a cafe to do academic stuff. While we are at the cafe, I ordered one of my favorite dish, lasagna.

It never occurred to me that I would be betrayed by said dish.

Around dawn today, my stomach and abdomen were cramping like crazy and the bathroom was my bestfriend.

Just hours ago, I was sporting a high fever. Right now, it’s subsiding.

Normally, I do not eat food serbed at a cafe but yesterday I was very hungry and I wanted to test their food. I wish I didn’t do that. I wish I went to the fast fod across the street and ordered my usual meal there.

The three of us are having stomach issues but I got hit the worst because I ate most of the lasagna