Cute? more like TWISTED

Madoka-SpaceInitially, I was wary of watching Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica because of the title Mahou Shoujo (literally Magical Girl). It was my prejudice to the “shoujo” genre that stopped me from immediately watching the series: I didn’t like how predictable the shows were usually are. Then I found out that Urobuchi Gen was the writer of the series which made me rethink that I should watch the series. At that time, I already knew about the notoriety of his stories (Saya no Uta anyone?).  Though I was not yet that convinced so I looked into the reviews and criticisms of the people who already watched the show. What made me skeptical was how short the series was — 12 episodes and I thought that perhaps the ending would be hanging.




I was wrong!


This anime teaches you that do not judge an anime by its title.


You shouldn’t take Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica as its face value. The first time I watched the anime version, I was like, wow what an amazing friendship (in its own twisted way)… but then I re-watched the series, though this time the movie condensation and I realized that this anime has more to it than friendship.

There are several allusions to Goethe’s Faust and other literally figures in the series. I will not make a detailed post here because there are already posts about this in the internet particularly the wikia dedicated to the series.


Despite the fantastical setting, there is a sense of reality within the show. Particularly the “zero-sum equation” or the equilibrium of karma. For the girls to have their wishes come true, they must work on it… well something like that. Though the main overtones in the series are hope and despair.


Anyhow, this anime is a gemstone. Not all viewers are inclined to think deeply into a show but Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is a very thought-provoking series. It’s one of those shows that you will enjoy watching over and over again until your brain cells are very exhausted.


Valvrave the Liberator – my thoughts

All the screenshots here are L-elf 😉


I found this anime by, well, accident. I can’t remember why I ended up watching this series but it actually took a long time for me to finish the entire series. The main reason I stuck with the series was L-elf. Level-headed characters usually attract me to a series.

I really had to push myself to finish the series because it would be a waste that I wasted some of my time already by watching the first five episodes.

So Why was I not impressed with the series?


First, was the protagonist. The MAIN main protagonist, Haruto. His character really irritates me; the indecisiveness just ticks me off. The only character that I tolerated for the similar behavior was Kira Yamato (I bought the DVDs of Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny) because he was at least a little bit “cool.”

Another reason that I stayed with the series was the second season’s songs, Kakumei Dualism by Nana Mizuki x TM Revolution and Realism by ELiSA. I normally skip these songs because I want to get on with the story but here, I play the songs so that I am motivated to watch the episodes.

I was not immediately sold with the series because of how it had to much Code Geass feel around it (both series have the same writer) and a mix of Gundam Seed. Although I have watched and re-watched both shows several times already (thank you DVDs!), I still find entertainment. What I like about Valvrave though is that it does not beat around the bush and does not tone down the deaths of many of its characters.

What interests me though was what happens after the war and the current time of the Third Prince. I would have wanted the gap filled in the anime but it was filled through the manga, Kakumei Valvrave: Ryuusei no Otome in the POV of Rukino.

Anyhow, for me Valvrave the Liberator is an anime that you’ll either love or hate or be indifferent about. Personally, I think I’m in the third category. I doubt that I’ll re-watch this series in the future.

Let me end this post with this lovely screen-capture:


All the screenshots were taken by me.

The Thirty Stories Challenge

This is the first time I am doing a Thirty (something) Challenge. Actually I made this up so that I could get out of my lazy butt and read something other than fanfictions. At the same time I am doing this to promote Project Gutenberg, a site that has free ebooks. Although not all of the stories from the list are from the site but most of them are. Also, the genre of the stories are very varied which is why I also wanted to make the list so that I won’t consistently stick with fantastical stories (although I included some here). Also, I am unfamiliar with some of the titles, so I won’t give any short summary or whatsoever. You can Google it if you are interested and also please don’t spoil me. Other than that, feel free to comment!


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