The Vampire Maid



This time it is a supernatural fiction. Aside from the obvious that this is a VAMPIRE short story, I have nothing much to say. Although I must say that despite there only being three characters in the story, the protagonist, the mother and the daughter, the imagery is fantastic. Just from the descriptions of Hume Nisbet, the author, I can imagine the place. I can feel as if I am living in the story.

Well, this is a short story, so, there isn’t a point in putting any spoilers here. You can finish it in less than 30 minutes. A brief summary would be the protagonist who is on a journey happens in a house with a widow and an ailing daughter. The widow offers our protagonist with a place to stay and the protagonist becomes comfortable with the place. When the daughter is well enough, she and the protagonist talk and soon they fall in love. However, this is not a happy ending! If that interests you (as much as I do too), give this story a go.

There is a copy of this in Project Gutenberg but it is a text file.


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