The Metamorphosis



Since my tablet was just recently fixed, it took me longer to finish reading this story.

The Metamorphosis is a novella written by Franz Kafka.

Before sitting down and reading this, I always saw a copy of this book in the local bookstore. I have always wanted to get the physical copy but my money during those times I go to the local bookstore, just to browse different bookshelves, didn’t allow me to buy it.

So, enough rambling.

The protagonist of the story is Gregor Samsa, who, out of nowhere, becomes an “insect.”  He was bound to travel by train one morning and suddenly he was transformed to a different creature. The Samsa family then has to cope with the new situation (often voicing it as misfortune) since Gregor, apparently, was the breadwinner of the family. At first, the family does its best to take care of this new  Gregor but… sometimes, not even the bonds of family can help in such predicament.

I won’t say anything about the ending but except that it shocked me. I never expected such outcome.

While reading this, I searched up the story and the inspiration of Franz Kafka while doing this work. It actually changed my perspective. I was thinking what if the whole insect transformation is metaphorical? I can’t exactly draw decisive proofs since the copy I have read is in English and there could have been some lost in translation along the way.

Anyhow, there is copy of this novella in Project Gutenberg.

For those who want something unusual, go read The Metamorphosis. It is definitely worth the time and it’s not that long. You can read it for an hour or two andfinish the whole story.


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