Thirty stories challenge resumed



It took some time before I have sat down and read theough the next of my list, a compilation of different mystery stories edited by Joseph Lewis French and 1984 by George Orwell.

First, let me talk about the 9 riddle stories compiled by Joseph Lewis French. I would say that it really took me a long time to finish the entirety of the collection because it didn’t spark my interest. After reading some pages, I set it aside for several days. Mystery novels really do interest me but… perhaps due to my inability to fully grasp the riddle stories, I was not able to connect with the stories.

Next is 1984 by George Orwell. Unlike the previous text, I finished this in a day. It could have been less but my part time job and school activities were ganging up on me. Anyhow, setting my those aside, in all honesty, this was the biggest fuckup of my reading life. The ending was unexpected and this kind of dystopia, I like it very much. I won’t bash or compare the dystopian novels written today with this one; each of us have our own preferences and I respect that. I hink that because 1984 could be very much realistic, it is the reason that I couldn’t put it down. Until now, I am still in the daze of the book.

So far, I have finished 5 out of the 30 stories. Next up is Time Machine by HG WELLS.


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