Academic “failure”

FAILURE — was (un)known to me. During my 17 years of academic life, I had setbacks with my grades. However it wasn’t irreversible. I could bounce back my grades to reach the cut-off. This time, I reached the point of no return.

I always had a stable school environment. I only went to one elementary, one high school and one university (for my undergraduate). Then I decided to apply for law school. (Un)Luckily, I passed the school of my choice. I didn’t have any illusion that law school will be easy. I knew that my lacksidaisal UG days are over.

I psyched myself up that I had to work hard. I did put more effort into my studies. Even so, it wasn’t enough. My classmates were able to pass but I didn’t. Obviously, there is something wrong the study methods I devised. This sounds self-drepciating but it’s the simple truth.

Even so, I am not ready to give up. I am no longer qualified with my first school choice but there are other law schools within my area. I will be starting a new journey and hopefully, my efforts will equate itself to successful academic year.

This was the worse week of my life. Yet, I am still grateful for the blessings I received. First, my friends who supported me through my emotional turmoil. Second, my family for understanding my predicament. I was very afraid to open up with my parents because I thought that they would be severely disappointed in me. This is the first time that I gave them this kind of academic failure. However, they helped me get over my fears and actively plan for my next steps in life.

Despite the heartache, I am now slowly moving forward. I will reach my “why I went to law school” one step at a time.


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