Me, Myself and I

Greetings to all!

Well, ResuscitatedLass, was my former pen name at, that’s why I carried it over here at WordPress. I have tendencies to change my pen name depending on my mood, so right now, I am NapoliCorleone over at

Anyhow, I am an avid fiction reader. I read from children books to eroticism. For nonfiction, I usually like history books. I really find the past very interesting and trying to find similarities between then and now. Also, the past is the key to the future; perhaps I can make guesses about the future without the need of clairvoyance? Well, this is me being fantastical again.

Aside from reading books, I am a casual gamer. I usually play (MMO) RPG games. Occasionally arcade and shooting games. Sometimes, strategy games. As of late, I haven’t played any games except for the one’s in my tablet. I’m saving up for a 3DS and XBOX One.

Some Personal Information:

  • Last year as a Psychology major
  • Born on the 18th of September
  • I have a younger brother
  • I live in a rural-urban area
  • I love traveling. My goal is to tour my country by backpack and travel to Europe.

With lots of love,



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