Rain, rain, rain, rain

I watch outside the glass window.
I could not see the meadow.
The rain was strong,
The rain was strong.

The winds were trying to take away
The clouds that were up and gray.
However the dark clouds stayed.
The rain continues to fall today.

Rain, rain.
You cause me so much pain.
Everytime you fall to ground,
I feel my heart falling to pieces.

Rain, rain, rain.
Your peltering is most unwanted.
But you give the soil what its needed.

Rain, rain, rain, rain.
My feelings for you are complicated.

Rain, rain, rain, rain.


Little Miss Imperfect

Every day, we walk down the same lobby.
At the corner of my eyes, I see you.
You shine like the evening moon
And my love for you burns like the morning sun.

I want to call you.
I want to talk to you.

However, I am little miss imperfect;
Full of defects.
Physically fine.
Mentally unstable.

I want to ask:
Can I love you more than I love you today?
My heart beats fast; I think I am falling too deep.
I wish that I am girl you want to keep.
However you already have your miss perfect.

A lass from uptown;
Ladylike but still spunky.

I cannot compete because your eyes shine too bright.
I cry every night and then I say,
Maybe you’re not for me.

One day,
I will find my mister right.
Just wait.


Quiet drops, along the window sill.
My sleepiness caused by a pill.
Stilted roofs outside.
No one is right by my side.

Pitter, patter.
Pitter, patter.

The sound continues to echo.
I hear shouts below.
Mother, father arguing
Who will be taking me.

Pitter, patter.
Piter, patter.

I hear the noise of the ambulance.
I see my mother prance.
The last breath I drew.
Before I could see again a morning dew.