Whatever I do, its always a failure to the eyes of everyone.



Alright, I may not be the brightest kid in the whole wide world (I also think I’m not the dullest, but hey, everyone has their “dull” moments once in a while)…


Can’t they just leave me be and I know what the hell I am doing…



And I knew that it wasn’t that much of a joy to go home… gah!!!

If only I had the option to actually live my life how I want it to be —

> Being in solitude because I am not in the mood to socialize and I socialize because I feel like it! People constantly want me to be always be there for them for some reason but ugh—!!!!!!!

I feel like shit! Damn it!


I guess that I have stayed in this “bright” world for too long…

I always thought that perhaps I could leave that “dark” world but I guess it will forever hunt me and pull me back…


I guess it was better

Poor France (APH)

I just help but laugh (well maybe tiny pity) for APH!France…

Well in the fanfics I have read so far… although he hasn’t molested or raped anyone yet, he is is accused immediately and no one would believe him that he hasn’t rap

Temporary Escape

Oh how I love to travel so much; no matter how small the distance is. -wink-

Because the weather is so hot today I decided to go to the nearest coffeeshop and chill while drinking a very wonderful Mochaccino -big grin-