Fanfiction Works

I started writing fanfiction back in 2007.

I can still remember the first fandom that made me squeeze out all that imagination which was Kyo Kara Maoh! (God Save Our King!). Then by 2008, I began writing for The Prince of Tennis. By 2011, I started with Axis Powers Hetalia.

I did write a Harry Potter fanfiction but I just couldn’t get myself into writing more.

Anyhow, I stick to writing fanfiction because I think of it as an avenue for improving my writing. Although people dispute that the effect is otherwise: writing fanfiction is a bad practice.

I do try to write my original stories.

Back in 2009, I worked with a friend to write a fantasy story. It didn’t get finished because I lost the notebook. Well, I moved on and tried to write a Cardverse story. It was moving well but I stopped because I couldn’t see where the story was going (and it was like a Harry Potter-esque story anyway).

Right now, I am working on an alternate world/universe fantasy story. It’s getting somewhere but I still only have the skeleton of the story. I even drew a map of the world (for the story). I do hope that this one gets finished and put up somewhere (maybe here or in Wattpad).


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